this is the way to be fairest to make all the players happy

How could a player deal with this situation had he found himself in the current tournament which the “pros” monopolized?

One idea is to play tickets with longer odds because big purchases don’t reduce your chances of winning that many prizes visit ARTAPOKER.

Why is this true? If you are playing seven spots for $ 5 per game, for example 100 games with a match bought for $ 500, your estimated chance of hitting the number 7. (approximate odds when the binomial theorem comes in to play because you can hit 7 more than the number at once ) is 40,979-to-1 times 100 games, which comes out around 410-to-1. If someone buys twice and plays the same way, it’s still going around 205-to-1 so it’s a long way off. So while they have twice the chance of you doing it is still a long blow for both of you.

If you play sixes, your 100 times your odds are reduced to 78-to-1; and with two purchases, around 39 to 1. Of course if they bought in 10 times (done) their odds are now around 8- to-1. Unfortunately, when money is involved, greed takes it away.

The other problem is, if you play long strokes most of the time you will walk home with less than playing players it is easier to get tickets, but when you win, oh, how much fun is that!

So let’s hope the casino reads this and level the playing field by cutting off purchases at the midpoint and adjusting the prizes upwards as entries go up. This seems to be the fairest way to keep all players happy. What do you think?

On the progressive side, as I write this, the Atlantis Casino in Reno, the 9-point progressive is approaching $ 1,109,000 and the 10-dot statewide Mega10 (MegaKeno) 10-dot is approaching $ 1,928,000. If in Reno, try your luck at Atlantis or a place that offers MegaKeno. If in Vegas, Excalibur and El Cortez offer better pay tables for MegaKeno tickets.

Please keep posted for future Keno Contests in this column. If you need to find a good keno promotion please scan it and send it to my email address.

If tournament bugs are starting to bite you, try the weekly mini-keno tournaments at Atlantis, Gold Coast, The Orleans and Palace Station, and wherever they are offered. It’s great fun for the money and you might even win. Good luck to everyone!


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