Remember real poker players to be champions, not whimmers

Is that a “whimmer,” you are likely asking. To begin with, determination is a sudden volition or development of thought, especially a will that has no rational explanation.

You may have heard the statement, “He is doing it for fun …” It is an impulse or an idea that may suddenly come to mind. Sometimes, it can happen to us, as well as when sitting at the poker table. Thus, a “whimmer” is a player who makes sudden decisions which may be contrary to the normal model of playing his hand in such conditions.

For example, playing limit Texas hold’em visit poker88, fair players will generally fold 4-5 off suits from the starting spot. He is likely and does not play those cards from late. But suddenly, without any explanation to explain, he got the idea to always see what wasn’t working – and with only two enemies standing.

Lo and behold, sure or maybe not, the streak goes down 2-3-6 offsuit, giving it a little straight line. That’s awesome! But it can go on. It does so on determination and it pays off – in capital letters. It makes play even more reckless; well, the risk is what you expect: He comes home for the big loser for the night.

I’m discussing my determination to always stay to see the unsuccessful cards that don’t satisfy my Hold’em Algorithm, when “something tells me” to call the big blind and see the unsuccessful. I suppressed that will.

Can you guess what happened? Unsuccessfulness will give me nuts! I told my poker partner Byron Ziman about it. A big smile appeared on his face. Without hesitation he said, “when you play acting, then you become a ‘whimper'” – and he added, “acting is not a champion.”