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Poker as well as free poker games can be a real joy to play in a casino or online, to relax after a long day of work. The most difficult thing about playing poker online, is deciding which site to play on. You have so much for domino qq that you have to think really […]

In this hand James Pace made a straight against a flush while playing heads-up against World Series of Poker bracelet winner and World Poker Tour main event champion Tony Dunst. While two strong hands collide during a heads-up play will surely qualify as a cooler, Pace may have a chance to escape a hand with […]

Successful game inventors know that they can’t fall in love with their game idea. Just because you like him, doesn’t mean that everyone (or anyone) will like him. Even the most successful game of all, Three Card Poker, underwent important changes in its early years. By the early years, I mean the first few years […]

Those of us with limited bankrolls have been waiting for our time to shine, and now it’s time with BetOnline and their Micro Tournament Series. This low-stakes tournament festival still offers great value, with 67 events slated for a two-week series running June 14-28. There’s a guaranteed $ 200,000 down the line, including a $ […]

It is likely that several people who wanted to come in had great questions about this. It seems that the thing to worry about is of course the things that cause losses. For example, such as not paying any winnings or block your account at will. There is indeed one common worry for anyone who […]

The pocket pair continue to have bad luck in all-in situations, as the Itai Drory 8 Spade Suit 8 Club Suit lost all-in against the Q Spade Suit 10 Spade Suit from Molinelli. The chip leader breaks down a queen on the turn to knock the pot down and eliminate Drory in seventh place ($ […]

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After obtaining a site that has the most trusted online poker agent, the register step after that all you need to do is enter the site and click register to create a bettor account. Furthermore, in the appearance after that the registration form column will appear which you must fill in according to the command […]

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Changes in development in gambling can be seen from the form of online gambling poker applications. The gambling game application is a playing facility that allows players to bet directly via their cellphone. Most gambling players certainly have cellphones for their core needs so that an application makes gambling games even happier. Online poker game […]

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In less than five years, this Bosnian-born American poker player has raised less than $ 9 million in live tournament revenue, becoming a regular on the high roller scene in the process. In this hand, Imsirovic turned a medium pocket pair into a bluff against World Series of Poker bracelet winner Sam Greenwood. Imsirovic started […]

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Coming from France (until they mention it), Eleanora Dumont covered all the west from Deadwood to Tombstone, eventually opening a gambling salon called Vingt-et-un (ie, “21”) and brothels. Maria Gertrudis “Tules” Barcel√≥ – either Mexican or French, depending on the historian you read – runs the famous sedan in Santa Fe. Belle Siddons, aka Mrs […]

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A Long Island poker veteran has emerged as the chip leader at the final table of nine players at the Main Event tent at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. Cliff Josephy of Syosset, New York, ended the match just before midnight Monday with more than 74 million chips, said Seth Palansky, spokesman […]

I still can’t believe I’ve been cashing in on poker tournaments every year for fifty years. When you make poker your life for more than half a century, you make it a very exclusive club. I have to admit, playing poker for a living has cost me my personal relationships; just ask my five wives. […]

To those of you who have read my columns for years, you know I remain apolitical. So what I’m going to write is not political commentary in any way but a simple example of how you can get numbers to say whatever you want. If I ask someone if we generally have Democrats or Republicans […]

Use Hold’em Alerts. This requires a multi-walk pot (three or more opponents calling a raise) and no further raises to pay to see the flop. Note: You can perform back raising when you are holding a hand made preflop (AA, KK, or QQ). In that case, your raise will be a value bet intended to […]

How could a player deal with this situation had he found himself in the current tournament which the “pros” monopolized? One idea is to play tickets with longer odds because big purchases don’t reduce your chances of winning that many prizes visit ARTAPOKER. Why is this true? If you are playing seven spots for $ […]

Our previous column on scare cards focused on situations where a scare card could benefit your opponent – not you. You just worry when the card is distributed on the board. Example: once the Kings are dealt, you may be far ahead until Ace falls on his turn. We discuss the best way to handle […]

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Knowing the symbols in a poker hand, in a sense, is also important in the game of poker. Because in the game there will be a competition for this symbol to determine our card victory. In a poker card there are 4 other symbols, colors and shapes. In color and shape, this level has its […]

Hole card cams have just been implemented for the first time in the World Series of Poker – I started looking for professional poker players to host my DVD series in 2003 when cash games in big cities like New York and Los Angeles were filling up more than Captain Ahab on the whaling. Hole […]

Hot Fight Between Poker Knights In Palace Casino Part One – Preflop, with nine players remaining and the blinds 25,000-50,000 and stakes 6,000, Shakerchi’s Talal was raised to 107,000 from under the gun. Andras Nemeth bets three to 300,000 from the lojack and Shakerchi calls. Shakerchi failures. Nemeth’s Bet 182,250. Shakerchi calls out. On Shakerchi […]

AGEN PKV POKER ONLINE Semua Jenis Situs Judi Agen Poker Online Pkv Games Terpercaya sudah sangat dikenal oleh para pecinta judi kartu online di indonesia, sebelum permainan ini menjadi salah satu benteng terkuat di pkv games, Agen Poker online juga sempat booming di permainan gratis dari facebook yaitu texas holdem poker dimana permainan ini mendapatkan […]

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Pada masa pandemi covid-19 sekarang sangat sulit untuk mencari perkerjaan, bahkan banyak karyawan-karyawan di PHK oleh banyak perusahaan. Oleh karena itu, beberapa dari kita yang kurang beruntung memikirkan cara untuk meningkatkan penghasilan tambahan untuk keluarga. Solusi yang tepat adalah dengan mencari pekerjaan kedua, percaya atau tidak, permaian judi idn poker online bisa menjadi sumber arus […]

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  Disaat pandemi ini kita membutuh cara berpikir yang sangat bagus terhadap bagaimana kita menghasilkan uang tambahan untuk meningkatkan ekonomi keluarga kita, cara berpikir perlu menjadi agak berbeda dibandingkan dengan hari sebelom pandemi dimulai. Disaat pandemi ini banyak orang yang memikirakan beberapa hal tentang poker online yang mana poker online sebagai penghasilan tambahan untuk orang […]

Dimasa pandemi ini merupakan masa sulit yang di hadapi orang orang. karena banyak yang di phk dari pekerjaan mereka. oleh karena itu mereka mencoba mencari pekerjaan yang sangat mudah dan bisa membantu ekonomi mereka, disaat ini lah mereka bisa laksanakan game taruhan seru seperti judi online dengan cara mainnya yang juga berbeda dengan game kartu […]

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Bertaruh di dunia maya terasa lebih seru dan memuaskan dengan berbagai pilihan game judi tersedia. Ada banyak pilihan judi kartu seru terutama dengan cara main kartu gapleqq yang taka sing lagi. Dengan kartu yang khusus ini bisa membuat pejudi merasakan permainan berbeda dengan cara main yang lebih memuaskan. Anda bisa laksanakan game taruhan seru seperti […]