It’s the virtue of knowing the card symbols in dewa poker

Knowing the symbols in a poker hand, in a sense, is also important in the game of poker. Because in the game there will be a competition for this symbol to determine our card victory.

In a poker card there are 4 other symbols, colors and shapes. In color and shape, this level has its own levels.

The very top symbol in the poker card symbol level is the Spade or we usually recognize it with the call of spades. This symbol is black if we have this combination of spade symbols, because it is our card that is the highest of the same combination, visit

The symbol whose level is below the Spade or spade is a symbol of Heart or heart. This symbol is red in color as the name implies, namely the heart.

The 3rd strongest is the Clumber or curly symbol. This symbol is almost the same as having a shape like the Spade but only getting wavy. This emblem is black like the spade emblem.

And the lowest symbol is the Diamond symbol or it can be better known by the diamond call. This symbol is also the same color as the Heart, which is red and some say it is called lupis, because it has a shape almost like lupis.

Those are the symbols on the poker cards that we can explain. Hopefully the information above can be additional knowledge for those of you who like playing poker, especially online poker. hopefully useful!

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