Hole card cams have just been implemented for the first time in the World Series of Poker – I started looking for professional poker players to host my DVD series in 2003 when cash games in big cities like New York and Los Angeles were filling up more than Captain Ahab on the whaling.

Hole card cams have just been implemented for the first time at ESPN’s World Series of Poker (which was still being held in Binion until 2005) and the World Poker Tour Travel Channel takes on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? the vibe of a game show and wrapping it around Texas hold’em. Rounders is still in the heart and mind of the upstart pro wannabe and Chris Moneymaker recently proved to the world that with a small investment, anyone can achieve fame and fortune.

So, I started thinking about the kind of personality I would like to represent my video poker tutorial series on. It must be someone who is the icon of the game visit poker 88, but also has a big personality. Someone who will be great on television and has all the credentials to back up his claim. And in 2003 before the explosion of modern poker, that person was Amarillo Slim.

Looking back, we had no idea how the poker world was going to get past Slim in such a fast and furious manner. To us, he’s still one big dog. And to be just, (God rested his soul) he would always be like that. However, after he passed away in 2012, there is no denying that Slim never had the longevity of his Texas co-singer Doyle Brunson.

When Slim was charged with indecency with a minor, his reputation became too tarnished for us to complete his contract. We can’t ask Doyle either, since he’s already written Super System, and turning that ledger into a commercial DVD series that was a hit at the time would be a mammoth undertaking we weren’t prepared to make.

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